The International Day of Radiology (IDoR) is Wednesday, November 8. Help celebrate this special day,
which marks the 122nd anniversary of the discovery of the X-ray by German physicist Wilhelm Roentgen.
For 2017, IDoR celebrates radiologist in emergency departments who are on the front lines of patient care
at all hours of the day and night.
IDoR 2017 will also include celebrations during National Radiologic Technology Week (November 5-11).
Servant Medical Imaging is joining more than 150 medical societies and facilities around the world in
marking this very special day. We invite you and your practice to take part as well.
We are also joining IDoR sponsors – the American College Of Radiology (ACR), the Radiological Society of
North America (RSNA) and the European Society Of Radiology (ESR) – in hosting activities that highlight
emergency radiology and the essential role that radiologists play in the emergency room, increasing the
quality of care and treatment of patients. While our radiologists practice in Servants’ freestanding
imaging centers, they do practice lower intensity emergency radiology and are available for “STAT”
exams as needed.
November 8 is the International Day of Radiology; however, medical imaging and radiation oncology make
a world of difference every day.
For additional information, please visit websites for the International Day of Radiology and