• Actual Scan time will last no longer than 30 minutes. If the technologist is not able to achieve optimal imaging within 15-20 minutes, appt will be rescheduled, no more than once, at no charge.
    • Not only is the quality of your 4D session important, the quality of the technologist is as well. Our technologists are RDMS licensed and dedicated to making your experience pleasant & safe.
    • Things that can help achieve optimal images: (info for patient and scheduling)
    • Best images between 26-32 weeks.
    • Stay well hydrated to help keep optimal amniotic fluid in womb, drink a little extra water for a few days prior to your session.
    • Please provide proof of prenatal care by giving your provider’s contact information
    • Every woman is different, every pregnancy is different. Therefore if you have had a 3D/4D with a previous pregnancy and obtained great pictures, this doesn’t mean you can expect the same results with subsequent pregnancies. Our licensed technologist will do their best to get the best images.
    • 4D Imaging can be a great bonding experience for the mother, father & family.

PRICE –  4D Package: $195

  • 30 minute session
  • 5 photos of your baby
  • 4D video of session
  • FREE Heartbeat Bear (regular price $49.99), personalized with your baby’s heart beat!

* Ideal Time 26-32 Weeks

(Twins add $20 to package)

Available at our Stillwater and Owasso locations.