While the traditional High-field MRI has high accuracy and slightly shorter scan times, there are occasions when an Open MRI is beneficial. If you have never heard of Open MRI, read on to find out more about this technology and if it’s a good option for you. Servant Medical Imaging offers Open MRI at six of our convenient locations, besides the High-field MRI at two locations.

Open MRI

Magnetic Resonance Imaging, or MRI, uses a magnetic field and pulses of radio waves to make pictures of organs and structures inside the body. This noninvasive process is used to diagnose medical conditions without radiation. MRIs are important for getting detailed pictures of joints, spine, organs, and other internal structures. MRIs can be extremely useful in diagnosing and monitoring various conditions and getting an MRI can give your physician the information he or she needs to formulate a treatment plan. While a traditional MRI is a closed magnetic cylinder, Open MRIs have top and bottom magnetic areas which do not enclose the patient. This structure has many benefits to patients and is a great option to consider when needing an MRI.

Less Claustrophobia

The one thing people associate the most with MRI scans is the narrow, confined space. For someone with a fear of being closed in, cylinder type scans can be impossible to endure. Some patients may require sedation or even anesthesia before undergoing a closed MRI scan because of their extreme claustrophobia. Open MRIs are ideal for any patient who cannot endure the confinement of a traditional MRI but need an MRI to search for their problem. Continuing without a possible diagnosis for a problem or living in pain due to fear of a scan is not necessary because Open MRI is the answer.

More Room

Patients who are stockier or overweight often have trouble fitting into the narrow enclosure of a closed MRI. Open MRI gives much more room, and will accommodate patients of almost all sizes and statures. If you have ever had the embarrassment of being told you are “too large” to fit into a closed MRI, you will appreciate the better accommodation of an Open MRI.

Imaging Quality

The purpose of an MRI is to produce quality images of the inside of the body, and while an Open MRI is not as powerful as a High-field MRI, they can handle 

most scans as well as a High-field closed magnet. Open MRIs are especially suitable for head, angiography, pelvic, bone, joint, and spinal exams. Your physician will choose the type of MRI that best suits the imaging you need to have done, but you can always ask him or her to send you to a Servant Medical Imaging location for an Open MRI.

Less Noise

MRIs can be noisy due to the nature of the technology. This rapid pounding noise is magnified in a closed MRI. While any MRI is noisy, the noise is greatest in a closed MRI and you may be advised to wear earplugs. An Open MRI is much quieter because of its lower magnetic field and other reasons.

Less Metal Interference

Metal implants from previous surgery can interfere with the quality of the images. Also, the magnetic fields and radiowaves used by the MRI can generate heat within these metallic implants. An Open MRI has a lower magnetic field strength and produces less artifact and less heat from metallic implants.




MRIs are incredibly useful and important for medical imaging with both the High-field “closed” MRI and the Open MRI having their place in the imaging world. However, the Open MRI has distinct benefits for those patients who are claustrophobic or overweight. Open MRI can also be beneficial for patients who are sensitive to loud noises, or have certain metallic implants. If you are looking for an Open MRI, Servant Medical Imaging has the following locations to serve you: Tulsa, Owasso, Bartlesville, Stillwater, Yukon and Midwest City. We also offer the 1.5 Tesla High-field MRI at our Broken Arrow and Norman locations.

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