Has your medical provider ordered an MRI and you are anxious about the cost and the procedure? Servant Medical Imaging is proud to offer the residents of Bartlesville an alternative to hospital appointments. At our private, freestanding, outpatient medical imaging center, we provide MRI scans in a convenient location and with staff who has the time to be attentive to your needs and anxieties. Because we only offer MRI services, we are able to schedule your appointments much quicker than large medical facilities — often, the same day. This means that you and your provider can get much-needed results quicker as well.

Our Bartlesville location offers the Open MRI to accommodate our patients who may fear the closed space of traditional MRI. Our experienced, compassionate staff is also well trained in providing a comfortable setting and conducting the procedure as quickly as possible to reduce the amount of time you are in the machine.

When you need an MRI in Bartlesville, contact our convenient radiology center to schedule your appointment today!