About us: In 1992, Dr. Patrick Lester opened his first freestanding outpatient Open MRI facility.  For years, patients needing an MRI were referred to hospitals.  Not only was that expensive for patients, but finding a place to park at the hospital, getting to the correct location within the hospital and then waiting for your imaging was a daunting task for many patients.

Dr. Lester saw the need for a cost effective way for patients to be able to park just outside of the facility, get the exam and then for reports to be quickly sent to their doctor. Servant Medical Imaging has focused on patient care, safety, rapid scheduling, insurance assistance, delivering accurate reports rapidly. Our dedicated, compassionate, experienced staff  and radiologists at our TEN Oklahoma locations are devoted to patient and physician satisfaction. That was the origin of Servant Medical Imaging.

Today Servant Medical Imaging has proudly teamed up with Touchstone Medical Imaging, which now links us to broader technology and resources with almost 60 locations in 6 states to offer even more comprehensive services.  We are so excited about what the future holds for Oklahoma’s largest provider of outpatient imaging services. Remember Your Image is Our Image.